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About Us

Why "Link2Eternity?"    

Where Truth & Love Link to Reach the World

There are many ways a Christian can defend and share “The Faith” with a lost world, and the methods are limited only by one’s imagination. Link2Eternity is devoted to a medium that usually goes unnoticed—the local newspaper. It is a foregone conclusion that if you want to reach people, you must go where they can be found.

The local paper has been a source of information for many years now and almost every community across the U.S. has its own. It is a medium through which the average citizen remains informed about local and world events as well as a popular venue for public discussion and debate.

That is what makes the local paper such a good place to defend and declare the Judeo-Christian worldview and the Gospel. It is the perfect venue through which to do exactly what the Apostle Paul did at Mars Hill. There, he reasoned and debated with them concerning the things of Christ.

By doing this, the ministry implements a method that goes beyond the typical devotional work found in many opinion or religion sections. It extends the hand of history, reason and, at times, humor to expose erroneous worldviews and ideas while lifting Christ and a biblical worldview to its rightful place in the modern world. Through our t-shirts, hats and books, we are looking to spread the word even further so pick up yours from our online store today!

What Others Are Saying

“I want to express my thanks to The News Reporter for carrying the excellent column Link2eternity by Tony Watts...After reading the best scholarship available in the field of Christian apologetics for more than 40 years, I find Tony Watts’ writing to be among the best.”
-Reader, The News Reporter: Whiteville, NC

“In commentaries published by the Enterprise, Tony has articulated Christian perspectives on contemporary issues in ways that provoke thoughtful reflection and discussion ‘not anger or animosity’ about some of the day's most controversial topics.”
-Vince Wheeler, Opinion Page Editor: The High Point Enterprise, High Point, N.C

“It is certainly refreshing to read any articles written by Tony Watts. He is a well-informed, clear thinker and writer who boldly articulates biblical truth with compelling urgency….Tony does an excellent job. I am glad he has the courage to stand firm on the Word of God in this world of ‘Gutless Wonders’.”
-Professor David LeGrand

“I appreciate your straight-forward approach and authenticity.”
-Wallyce Todd, Editor: The News Reporter; Whiteville, NC and former missionary journalist with Transworld Radio - Europe


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